What's a Wealthy Journey to You?


There are two words to look at here.

Wealth and Journey

For some Wealth is having millions or billions of dollars put away in the bank. For a person with a disease, money is nothing for them . All they wants is good health to enjoy the moments of life with their friends and family. For those in areas of war, peace is something they want more than wealth. For those rich in material things, they might not feel so wealthy at all. Unless they contribute to the less fortunate.

The definition of wealth is different for everyone. Whatever your definition is, it’s possible to have.

My favorite saying is:


On this website our main focus is the “Journey”… better said Your Wealthy JOURNEY.

It’s not the destination (wealth) that matters the most but the person you and I become in the process. Who can we help? What value  can you and I add to this world?

The experiences we get, the lessons that life teaches us is far more valuable than all the money you and I will ever receive. My favorite book says that wisdom, knowledge and understanding is far more precious than silver or gold.

The prices of silver and gold will fluctuate, but wisdom, knowledge and understanding won’t. When you have these things you’ll have long life in one hand and riches and honor in the other hand . Wouldn’t that be cool to have?

How does one get wisdom & knowledge ?
Simple…By following instructions.

So head over to our blog to get some today!


Start and learn from Your Wealthy Journey today….



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Your Wealthy Journey is here to inspire you to follow your dreams. To start and enjoy your journey to wealth.


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