What is a Wealthy Journey to You?



There are two words to look at here.

Wealth and Journey

For some Wealth is having millions or billions of dollars put away in the bank. For a person with a disease, money is nothing for them . All they wants is good health to enjoy the moments of life with their friends and family. For those in areas of war, peace is something they want more than wealth. For those rich in material things, they might not feel so wealthy at all. Unless they contribute to the less fortunate. For others, having a good (spiritual) relationship is wealth to them.

The definition of wealth is different for everyone.

My favorite quote:


On this website our main focus is the “Business Journey”… of inspiring entrepreneurs.

“It’s not the destination that matters the most but the person we become in the process.”

What value in business can you add to this world? What business can you start or do you have that makes people lives easier?

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YWJ 008: Priyanka Kedia on Setting your Mind in Motion

YWJ 008: Priyanka Kedia on Setting your Mind in Motion

Priyanka Kedia is the founder of her startup biz called Ayva Jewelry. She worked for corporate America such as Safeway and Unilevel but decided that it wasn’t something for her. Inspired by her family centuries old heritage, Priyanka  aims to carry out this... read more
YWJ 006: The one Year Project with Brianna Zajicek

YWJ 006: The one Year Project with Brianna Zajicek

Brianna Zajicek helps people discover their passion and purpose, designing their dream life and business in 1 year. She went through some negative moments in life but decided to put those negativity aside and focused on her dream life. Now she’s helping others... read more


Review: Public Speaking for Kids Suriname

  In the 2nd week of July 2018 I was invited by a friend to a workshop. It was a workshop for kids. “Public Speaking for kids”. It was a three day event where the kids would learn different techniques of public speaking. Now, why would someone do that kind of... read more

How to Be Successful in Business

2 Key Ingredients for a Successful Business I remembered taking Project management classes. The teacher said: ” Being book smart is not everything, you need to be street Smart also. Looking back at his statement, I can say that this dude was right. There were... read more

How to Train your Mind to Believe

In my previous blog post I wrote about the #1 reason why people fail to achieve their BIG goals. Of course there are other reasons. But limiting beliefs is what keep most people back from turning great ideas into reality. The question now. Can anyone transform their... read more

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