About Your Wealthy Journey

Hello Wealthy Nation!

Joseph Simeon Deonaraine  here, the founder of Your Wealthy Journey & host of the “Your Wealthy Journey Show”, where I interview inspiring entrepreneurs weekly on their success journey!

The “Your Wealthy Journey Show” is an interview Show, where we focus on the JOURNEY of the business of our guest. From the idea, the struggling moments, the conquering and the direction that these inspiring entrepreneurs are going with their business.

Your Wealthy Journey is here to inspire and empower you to achieve your business goals. You can visit the show to get inspiration and tips to achieve your business goals.

My Journey So Far
My journey so far has been of a slow growth. In my late teenage years, I got the idea to earn via the internet. Living in a third world country it almost seems impossible. But I’m cutting out that word from my dictionary. I know that “when you give, it shall be given to you”. So I set out to put this great law to the test. Knowing that one day I will get my reward for the value I help add to the life of others.
 In May 2016, I created this website from scratch. I soon started blogging and after a few months I parked that. In January 2017 I set a goal that I would interview inspiring entrepreneurs  and publish their success stories on this website. I had no idea it would be in video format because I always had a fear to do videos. I faced my fears and overcame it. Looking back I can see that it wasn’t that hard after all.
In October 2017 the first success story was finally published. Since then, one success story is being published every Monday on this site and on our YouTube Channel.

What’s the Vision for Your Wealthy Journey?


Here is what we want to achieve in the year 2018:

  1. Interview and publish success stories of five (5) inspiring entrepreneurs every week (mo-fri).
  2. Inspire and reach one million (or more) millennial entrepreneurs in their startup phase. Providing them with value to reach their business goals.
  3. Create one  or more product(s) that will solve specific problem(s) of our fellow millennial entrepreneurs.
  4. Create an amazing community of awesome, success minded, positive millennial entrepreneurs who will support each other in achieving their business goals.


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