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Hello there my friends,

Welcome to Your Wealthy Journey.

Your Wealthy Journey is here to inspire and empower you to DREAM BIG. To provide you with the tools to set GOALS that will STRETCH you and encourage you to take ACTION on those goals . You are special and were placed on earth for a purpose. Not to be mediocre, but to be PHENOMENAL!


The result you and I have is because of the thinking we did in the past, the amount of work we did or did not do. If you put garbage in, then garbage will come out. What you sow, is what you will reap.

If you don’t like the crops you have reaped, then you need to sow the seeds that are necessary to get the results you want. You also need to take care of your garden, which is your mind.

The seeds are the goals you have. If you haven’t set any yet, then get my free course here, to guide you in setting goals.

As I said earlier, you need to take care of your garden. By constant watering or cleaning it. Visit our Blog to be watered constantly with articles that will help you achieve your goals.

Hey, thats me there… founder of this blog

Joseph S. Deonaraine is a personal development blogger that inspires and empower his readers to have a faith mindset and  to get the wisdom and knowledge to achieve their goals in life.

He’s further a student of life. Some of his heroes are from his favorite book. These people are King David, King Solomon, Job, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob….just a few.. In 2012 he learned about the personal development industry. JSD duty is to help you on your wealthy journey. It’s not the destination that matters the most, but the journey…and the person you become…

Get inspired by our articles and Leave us a message.. Tell us one BIG goal you want to achieve this year..

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