How to Be Successful in Business

2 Key Ingredients for a Successful Business I remembered taking Project management classes. The teacher said: ” Being book smart is not everything, you need to be street Smart also. Looking back at his statement, I can say that this dude was right. There were... read more

How to Train your Mind to Believe

In my previous blog post I wrote about the #1 reason why people fail to achieve their BIG goals. Of course there are other reasons. But limiting beliefs is what keep most people back from turning great ideas into reality. The question now. Can anyone transform their... read more

The Freedom Journal Review

Accomplish your Goal in 100 Days The freedom journal is an awesome hardcover journal that will help you in achieving your #1 goal in 100 day. As we all know. People that are successful, know how to set and accomplish goals. Unsuccessful people don’t. The Freedom... read more

How to Focus and Get back on Track Today

In our world today, with the development of technology, its sometimes hard to focus. The constant ringing of the phone. Attention that others are looking for. Social media platforms that catches our attention…. When you tell yourself..”I will only spend 5... read more

How to Find your Purpose in 10 minutes or Less

What does it mean to have a purpose for your life ? Jack Canfield defines purpose as follow. “To be on purpose means doing what you love to do, doing what you’re good at and accomplishing what’s important to you.  Majority of people in our world today don’t love what... read more

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking in 7 Steps

How to Rock your next speaking Gig Hey there. You found this article because you probably have some kind fear of public speaking right? Is it your first? Second? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. I remembered the first time I had a speaking opportunity. It was... read more

What to Do when People don’t Believe your Dreams?

It’s a challenge when it feels like no one believe in your dreams. Take Jimmy for an example. Jimmy is married to his lovely wife. They both love each other. Over the years his life has been transformed. Not much in his results, but in his mind. He was poverty,... read more