Cauveé [kaw-vay] is the founder of Cauveé Global. He’s officially known an an inspiration engineer with Cauveé Creative. He’s also an American strategist, investor,lifestyle coach, entertainer, philanthropist and speaker.

Cauveé has also been featured in Huffing post. And if you haven’t heard his music, you might want to check it out.

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Show Notes:

NOTE: Out of all the people Iv’e interviewed so far, you will notice that Cauveé is walking during the interview on a tread desk. I find this unique. A man putting his health as a top priority. That’s inspiring!

His Tread Desk here


  • Inspiration Engineer means “breaking out of the box
  • Cauveé Started out as a musician. His career grew, where hi has different jobs, acquiring different skills. His audience helped him with the title ” Inspiration Engineer”.
  • Cauveé Global is 17 years in the making.  The idea of inspiration music came about through his journey in life. By constantly  programming his mind with positivity, and the love for music, he got the idea to create positive music.
    You can find some here:
  • One of the challenge he faced in his first year in busines was explaining to people what he does. And for people to understand him.
  • He’s working on an explanatory video for people to understand what he’s doing.
  • He’s not the only one creating positive music. The ultimate goal is to change the eco system for creatives.


  • Cauveé is not 100% satisfied with himself. He says that when someone think they’ve arrived, thats the moment they go backward”.
    He’s going for constant improvement.
  • Favorite books that impacted his life are:
    – The Holy Bible
    – Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins
    – The Four Obsession of an Extraordinary Executive
  • Cauveé biggest WHY is “because people said he couldn’t do it”


  • One big crazy thing he wants to accomplish this year: SKYDIVING
  • Wealth is personal fulfillment for Cauveé.
  • How can people get fulfilled?
    Ask yourself:
    1. What makes you happy and be honest to yourself.
    2. What are you passionate about?Combine the two and figure out a way to make money with it.


  • Some of Cauveé top role models are:
    Eric Thomas, Les Brown,Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, Lewis Howes, Tim Ferris, Daymond John.
  • Answer to the tricky question: ” I can give you a million dollar idea, but that doesn’t mean it will be useful for you.”
    Test everything, it will lead you to answers and that is the path to stay on.


  • Advice to millennials: Yo need a foundation of education. And here are the top three things to master:
    1. Public Speaking
    2. The art of persuasion (Sales)
    3. MarketingTry a lot of different things if you dont know what your passion is.


  • Connect with Cauveé on:
    – Twitter
    – Linked In