Elijah Bryant is the founder of Generation Black, where he teaches people to become traders in the Foreign Exchange market (Forex). He started from humble beginnings, worked in various industry build many brands from scratch into successful and lucrative brands.

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Show Notes:

  • For Elijah, Wealth is having a wealthy mindset.
  • Elijah is a Forex trader and coach. He and his wife met in a MLM company. (They were not husband and wife as yet). She showed him Forex and he was blown away with the results she had.
    Elijah decided to go into Forex and opened an account with $50. Within two days he made $1500. He’s since then been in the industry.
  • His biggest struggle in the industry, is fighting myths that people have about Forex. But it all comes down to having that wealthy mindset.
  • His Financial vision for 2018 is to create seven figures within one calendar year. And his main vision is to show others how to create income, so they don’t have to clock into a job they don’t love.
  • He advice’s millennials the following:- Always accept advice, but know and understand that you dont have to
    apply advice.
    – Always listen to what the market is telling you.
    – Learn more than you teach.
    – Know your worth and charge double.


Fun Round

  • What’s the best book you ever read. And why?
    – Relentless by


  • What’s a daily habit that contributes to your success?
    –  Reading the bible
  • Who are your top 3 role models?
    – God and Jesus
    – His Mom
    – JayZ
  • What’s the best entertaining movie you’ve watched so far?
    – Girls Trip
  • Let’s say you woke up one day. You had no money. Only food, shelter, a laptop and internet. What would you do in the next 30 days to earn $1000?
    Trade with Forex on the 29th day.
  • Give us a parting piece of advice.
    – Believe in yourself more than anyone else.
  • How can we connect with you?
    – Facebook: Elijah Bryant
    – Instagram: Elijah Bryant3RD
    – E-mail: elijah@generationblack.com
    – YouTube: Generation Black
    – Website:  GenerationBlack.Com