In our world today, with the development of technology, its sometimes hard to focus. The constant ringing of the phone. Attention that others are looking for. Social media platforms that catches our attention….
When you tell yourself..”I will only spend 5 minutes on Facebook”… Forget it. You will spend more time than you thought. A study shows that people spend an average of 20 minutes on Facebook once they get up in the morning. Check it for yourself. How much unnecessary time do you spend on social media platforms. Oh yeah, sometimes I get carried away too.
So how can you focus and get back on track to do what is needed for you to move forward and reach your goals?
1. Clear your mind
Take a moment to do nothing. Find a quite place in your room or in your car where there’s no one to bother you for a while. I love to use a timer for this. Breathe in and out. Think of nothing for a while. The best way to get back on track is by clearing your mind. When you do this, you will find that new ideas will come to your mind. Let it float in the air. You just relax. Some people love to use music in the process. Find out what works best for you.
2. Think
Next is to think what you want to accomplish. Maybe it’s getting an article written, writing a book, making some sales calls. Just think. And as you’re thinking. Remember to stay in this serene place. You will want to jot down some of those thoughts and ideas that come your way. If you don’t capture those thoughts on paper, chances are that they will fly away and never return. Resulting in an lost of opportunity.
3. Discipline Yourself
This is one trait found in successful people. The SUPER achievers in life know that to be successful in anything in life, they need discipline. Especially in learning a new skill. They choose to pull them self back from the crowd and do the opposite. You have to do the things that people are not willing to do today, to get the results others won’t have tomorrow.
4. Feed your mind
Feeding your mind is as important as feeding your own natural body. When you listen to people who are not moving forward, they will always have some complaining to do. Always talking about this or that person. When you listen to them, you get side tracked. It weakens your believe system. You need to feed your mind with the right stuff. It can be reading a book to develop your skills, watching a faith building video or listening to a positive audio. Whatever you do, guard your eyes and your ears. It will determine what you believe and the action you take.
5. Action
When you’ve fed your mind with the right info, you will find yourself inspired, motivated. To work on whatever it is you want to achieve. Close yourself out from all distractions. I find myself performing best when I’m doing a jam session. These jam sessions are simply an amount of time spent on a given task. Sometimes its 15, 30, 45 or 90 minutes sessions. I’m not on my phone or any social media platform on this time. Do the chosen task at the moment.
When you feel like you’re stuck, busy and not accomplishing anything. Just follow the 5 steps above, you will find yourself focused and back on track. Find some time and clear your mind. Then think of what you want to achieve. Write it down so you can always remember and work on it. Discipline yourself. Sometimes its a must to set yourself apart from the masses and to do whats necessary. You must also feed your mind with the right stuff. What you believe will result in the actions you will take. So you need to take action. Again, close yourself out from all distractions and do some jam sessions. These will help you to focus and get you on track again.
What do you need to focus on today ? Comment below