Fulgor Esajas is the founder of Suriname Speaking Academy. He help professionals present themselves in a better way. He also helps children and adults overcome their fear of public speaking.


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Show Notes:

  • Wealth for Fulgor means having enough resources for yourself to do what you want with whoever you want and when you want.
  • Fulgor is continuous investing in his personal development and also has a big passion to serve society.
  • His biggest struggle he faced, was having the right (business) mindset and the right pricing for his business service.
  • he made the necessary shift and done the necessary research. With that he and his team made the right calculations for the price of his business service.
  • The vision that Fulgor has for his business in 2018 is greater. He wants to go bigger with his new found company.
  • He advice’s millennials to make that decision to master their craft better than anyone else.

Fun Round

  • What’s the best book you ever read. And why?
    – Change your Thoughts, Change your Life by Brian Tracy


  • What’s a daily habit that contributes to your success?
    –  have fun
    – discipline his thoughts.
  • Who are your top 3 role models?
    Fulgor doesn’t have any role models. YOU should be your own role model, your best version.
  • What’s the best entertaining movie you’ve watched so far?
    – Mean Girls
  • What do you love best about Suriname?
    The people