As a young man I always had ideas to start businesses. Yet I didn’t know how to do so. I studied business management at the University of Suriname. I started a few businesses where struggled a lot. I struggled to get customers.

I wanted to get rich quick so I can provide for myself. I wanted to start my own family, support loved ones from time to time, and give to the causes that are dear to my heart.

Things didn’t go smooth. For six years I was stuck in a grass cutting company that I owned. I made some money yes…but was not really happy. I didn’t focus on building the business because I knew that one day I would stop. But when would I stop? I wasn’t sure. I had to figure out a way to get out this vehicle and start something new. Something I was passionate about and could do all day.

In 2018 an opportunity came along, the YLAI program. I mustered the courage and told my clients the week when I would stop work for them. I gave all my clients to someone I trusted (and still does a perfect job this day). I wasn’t sure what I was going to do after the 5 week program, but took a leap of faith.

A few months before going to the US, I came across a book “Dotcom Secrets”. (Click here for your free book. Just cover the shipping). In this book,Russell Brunson teaches various strategies to grow your business online. After trying out a few strategies I saw that it worked online and offline as well.

As I read this book I got the idea that I wanted to help others grow their business also. I wasn’t sure how that would happen. In the mean time I was writing free business plans for those who were starting out. I was now wanting to turn this into a business

I identified my target market and a place where they would hang out. I went to that business event and got a few clients. I started to get some traction The danger was that I became comfortable with my success. This led to me slowing down and not dong the thing that got me to grow.

I had to go back to the drawing board and take the necessary action to get me the desired result. Out of my struggles, “Value Business Growth Consultants” was born. Now I don’t have to worry about getting clients.

This journey so far has taught me to stay humble and diligent in business. This will cause anyone to grow their company to the next level.

What are you doing to grow to the next level?