How to Rock your next speaking Gig

Hey there. You found this article because you probably have some kind fear of public speaking right? Is it your first? Second? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. I remembered the first time I had a speaking opportunity. It was supposed to be an hour. Man I was excited.I told myself “I’m going to show those people how its done”.
You can guess what happened to me. I stood up to speak…..and my mind sat down. All those good things I imagined to say didn’t come out of my mouth. I finished my speech in 5 minutes. The embarrassment I felt..urghh..I had some work to do on myself. How did I overcome the fear of public speaking?
1. Embrace Fear
Earlier this year I had to co-host an event. I didn’t want to do it, but I had to. There was no one else available. So I had to gather up the guts. When fear takes you over, you either succumb to defeat or you look for solutions to conquer. I looked for solutions every where. Google, YouTube, Blogs, everywhere.
On a video, a guy said. “The fear never goes away. Fear is a part of human nature. But what you need to do is embrace it. And when you embrace it, You become stronger.” I took the advice and faced my fears. And the result I received was stunning. I poured out my heart into the event. And it became a success. I felt good, alive and stronger. At first your fear always seems scary. But when you embrace that fear, you will see that it’s not so scary at all.
2. Know your audience
Next you need to know who you are talking to. What are the needs of your audience.I know you want to rock your speaking gig. You want a standing ovation. You want people to tell you that you have changed their lives. But ask yourself the question. Is what you are going to talk about ad value to the life of your audience? If not, it’s best you don’t say a thing. People won’t listen. The will not be interested and you wily lose your confidence. So get to know the needs of your audience.
3. Know your Topic
After you know your audience and their needs, Choose a topic that will help them. Lets say your audience needs that push to overcome procrastination. Design your speech around that topic. Let it be real and authentic. Talk of how you have procrastinated in the past also. Share with your audience what you did to overcome that success killer. Speak of the benefits you have in overcoming your procrasttination. The best way to know your topic, is if its resonate with you. If you have studied it and put it to practice.
4.Think of Serving People
Now you know your audience and your topic. You now have most of the work done. As in point 2, Think to serve your audience, not yourself. When you meet the needs of others, your needs will be met. Sometimes you have to put aside your ego and serve in humbleness. Be grateful that you have the opportunity to serve your audience
5.Practice the mirror technique
The mirror technique I learned from “The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristole”. Its simple. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you will do awesome. Say “ I will rock this speaking gig”. “People’s life will be impacted today”. Do some positive self talk with yourself. As you look in the miror. Tell yourself that you are good enough, That you are awesome. It might sound crazy at first to talk to yourself, but when you try it out, you will gain self confidence. The next thing that you can do is practice your speech in front of the mirror a few time until you have it under control.
Tip: In addition to practicing your speech, make some notes. A small cheat sheet. You can take a peek and make sure you don’t forget a thing while speaking.
6. Visualize the speech in detail
After you have practiced your speech visualize your speaking engagement. What clothes will you wear, how will you speak? What order will you speak in? How will you keep your audience engaged so your topic won’t bore them. Will you use Ice Breakers? Will there be an exercise to keep the enthusiasm in the room. Be as specific as you want and enjoy the process
7. Dress for Success
Another fear killer. Dress for SUCCESS. You don’t want to speak to a professional group of lawyers and your clothes look mashed up and torn. Wear proper clothes, shoes. You definitely need to get your hair right. The men need to get their beard right. Women might need to put on some make up if necessary. Dress in a way that you and your audience will feel comfortable.
Tip: Put on some cologne, perfume. It will definitely boost your confidence. Even if you are on a call.
Overcoming fear of public speaking is easy. Follow the steps above and you will rock your next speaking gig. You must embrace your fear. When you do this, you will see that your fear is not so scary at all. Know who you will be speaking to. You don’t want to speak to an audience who don’t have interest in your topic.
That’s why you need to choose a topic that will serve your audience. Prepare your topic with care. Let it be real. People will know when you’re fake. You must then let go of all your ego and serve your audience with all humbleness.Be grateful that you have a message to share to a people who needs it. Practice the speech in front of the mirror and also in your mind. By visualizing it. At last, dress for success. Follow these steps and you will ROCK your speaking engagement.
Do you have anymore tips? Comment below And if this article has worked for you, please share your experience with us