In the 2nd week of July 2018 I was invited by a friend to a workshop. It was a workshop for kids. “Public Speaking for kids”. It was a three day event where the kids would learn different techniques of public speaking. Now, why would someone do that kind of training for kids? We all know the attention that ONE kid needs. Let alone when you have a room full of them.

As I walked into the room on the second day of the workshop, I took a seat at the back of the room. The kids were going one by one in front of the room and doing some sort of presentation. They were becoming familiar with what is awaiting them ahead in life. I was in awe of what they were doing. They were not all perfect, but they mustered up the courage, faced their fear in front a small group of people. In my heart and physically, I applauded them.

While applauding these kids, in that moment, I wished I could trade places with them. When I was young as them, I never loved doing any kind of presentation. I was afraid. I didn’t have the courage. No one told me I could do it. Even the teachers didn’t teach you “how” to do it. But everyone expect you to do good in public speaking and presentation. How controversial is that?

That night, I went home blessed and happy in my heart. I knew that these kids were going to become TOP “Public Speakers” in Suriname and elsewhere in the world. I had to tell them. Luckily my friend gave me the opportunity to do a 10 minute POWER session for the last and closing day.

On the third and closing day, everyone was well dressed. The room was filled with moms, dads, grandparents, local media, etc.  What these kids had learned in the past days was now put to the test. All did a great job. When each kid did their presentation, I could see the brightness in the faces of the parents. The SATISFACTION that the investment in their kid was not in vain. Knowing that their kid was starting to win in life at a very young age.

If you’ve missed this workshop, don’t worry. The Suriname Speaking Academy is hosting one of these workshops very soon.


So Why would someone do an intense three day workshop with kids? First of all, mr Fulgor Esajas, knows his subject “Public Speaking” very well. Secondly, he loves what he does. So much that he could teach it to a group of kids

In my opinion, “Public Speaking” should be thought in every school and to every kid. So what are you waiting for? Give our friends a call at Suriname Speaking Academy to register your kid(s). It’s an investment your kid will thank you for the rest of their life.

Here’s one more video: