Rob Schad is the founder of Breakthru Amazon. He is a 20 year old drop out who turned his college fund into a 6 figure business. He is currently a digital nomad, traveling the world and working from his laptop.

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Show Notes:

  • Rob is a college drop out. He researched “selling on amazon” during his year in high school. After graduation he started selling on amazon.
  • His dad was supportive, dropping out of college and his mom worried. He had to make a deal with her in case things didn’t work out.
  • His biggest challenges he faces in the first year of business, was logistics and shipping. He overcame his struggle by learning about the subjects.
  • The biggest mistake people make in starting an amazon business is “choosing the wrong product to sell”.
  • In order to be successful with amazon selling, you need to choose the right product, then comes SEO, building an audience, etc.
  • Best book that has helped Rob so far on his Success Journey?
    – Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris
    – Sappiens by
  • Rob is never 100% satisfied , he knows he is capable of achieving more.
  • One big crazy goal to achieve this year: Doing 20 million in revenue this year,
  • Wealth to Rob is the ability to go and do whatever you want.
  • A habit that contributes to his success is journaling. It helps him clear his mind.
  • Rob’s #1 Role model in business: Elon Musk
  • Answer to the tricky question in the interview: Building a subcription based business
  • Rob is a GenZ. He advice’s millennials and GenZ to go out and do. Don’t worry if it will work or not. Just make a start and adjust from there.


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