Sania Khiljee is the founder of Losers to Legend. She is a serial entrepreneur, social media expert, self help blogger and has more than 1 million followers

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Show Notes:

  • Sania is a franchise owners of a brick and mortar business. On the side of that she keeps herself busy with her online business.
  • Her business partner came up with the name “Losers to Legend”. Here you get daily inspiration.
  • In just 6 months they build a following of 1 million +  followers
  • Sania is sales driven and this attitude has moved her forward in life and business
  • One of the biggest mistakes she sees that people make in sales, is that they don’t build relationships first. They go directly for the sell.    “Build relationship first with people”
  • She advice’s anyone to read “How to win friends and influence people” if they want to build relationships.
  •  Best book that has helped Sania so far on her Success Journey?
    – 7 Habits of highly successful people
    – The Alchemist
  • As a person, you need to constantly push yourself to that next level.
  • A big goal that Sania is going for, is to take her online presence to the next level. Also launching her information project.
  • Wealth to Sania means having a balanced life.
  • Habit: Post content every day on social media
  • Sania’s #1 Role model in business: Gary Vee
  • Answer to the tricky question in the interview: Get on Socia media, pick a topic, become an expert, sell related products.
  • She advice’s young people to find mentors. consume knowledge, build your own brand.

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