Accomplish your Goal in 100 Days

The freedom journal is an awesome hardcover journal that will help you in achieving your #1 goal in 100 day. As we all know. People that are successful, know how to set and accomplish goals. Unsuccessful people don’t. The Freedom journal was written by John Lee Dumas (aka JLD) to help his audience solve a problem. And that was to help them achieve their most important goal. This journal is your own private accountability partner to help you reach your #1 goal in 100 Days.

Are you ready to achieve your #1 goal in 100 Days?

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Who is this product for?
This product is for you :

  • If you want to achieve your #1 goal in 100 Days;
  • If you need an accountability partner that will be there with you until the end;
  • If you are tired of failure;
  • If you want to turn your life around by achieving those big goals of yours;
  • If you will COMMIT to the end in achieving your #1 goal.


My experience

In may 2016 I created my website. The goal was to earn a net income of $10,000 or more every month through my website. I parked my dream aside for almost 9 months. This due to the busy-ness of life, other people schedules and my own excuse. In February 2017 I made a decision to pick up my dream goal again and work on it until I succeed.

It seems as if God directed to “The Freedom Journal”. (Accomplish your goal in 100 days). Oh that tagline caught my attention.

After a few days, I ordered mine. Living in a third world country, meant I had to wait for 2 to 3 weeks. I couldn’t wait for it. My goal was to start this 100 day journey on March the 1st.

I googled and found the first 30 day of “The Freedom Journal”. So I downloaded the PDF, Printed it and began to take action.

I knew that it wouldn’t be the perfect timing for me to start the journey in March. Why? My sister was getting married in April. I told myself…” I have to do this. The timing will never be right. People and events will always seek my attention”

So I took that step of faith.

I worked and worked. There were ups and downs. But the Freedom Journal helped me to stay CONSISTENT (although I took a week break during my sister’s wedding). Being consistent helped my achieve more in 100 days than what I accomplished in 12 months.

RESULTS: Before & After


  • The Homepage of my website was only a picture with a text on it.
  • I had only 5 written articles published on my blog



  • I have a beautiful homepage that’s 1000% better.
  • I made some new friend who are success minded.
  • I’ve created a free 5 DAY course in which I help people set goals for every area of their life.
  • I’ve made connections with some top entrepreneurs such as John Lee Dumas, RJ Hodges, Paul Moore, Susan O’Malley, M.D.
  • Made some new friends who are top entrepreneurs in the making.


The Pros and Cons


Here are the top 10 things that I love about “The Freedom Journal”
  • You learn to set SMART goals in JLD’s workbook. SMART stands for Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound.
  • The book gives you examples on how to use it.
  • The book is divided in10 day sprints. You’ll have the opportunity to set 3 of your top goals you want to achieve during this sprint. You’ll also be asked to a habit you want to implement during the sprint.
  • Everyday you’ll start with gratitude and the goals for the day.
  • At the end of the day, you’ll have the space to recap on how the day went. The good, the struggles and solutions for the struggles.
  • At the end of the 10 day sprint you will have the time to evaluate. Also you’ll set goals for the next 10 days.
  • Every 25 days there will be a quarterly review. This is awesome to get perspective during your journey.
  • For every day there’s a quote at the top of the page. Very inspirational I would say.
  • I love the recommended Resources at the bottom of the pages.
  • The feel of the Freedom Journal in my hands…It’s priceless.


  • The book teaches you how to establish SMART GOALS. But there was not enough space left to write those smart goals. I think I should write between the lines? Or on a blank piece of paper?

Solution to The Freedom Journal team: Guys, Create some space for us in the book so that we can write those smart goals right in the book.

Solution for yourself: Have a special book in which you will write in on this100 day journey.

  1. This book focuses on 10 day sprint, but I’m a weekly person. I would rather a weekly sprint. I understand that the math with the 10 days are easier.

Some people love a 10 day sprint and some a 7 day sprint. However, accountability is what’s most important on this journey.

Who shouldn’t use “The Freedom Journal”

  • People who want to achieve the same results in their life
  • People who won’t commit to the 100 day journey
  • Don’t want to take action. (Buying the book won’t help. You have to take the action).

Who should use the “The Freedom Journal”

  • Those who want to achieve their most important goal.
  • Those who will commit for 100 days to accomplish their goal.
  • Those who are looking for an accountability partner in accomplishing their #1 goal

Who will gain from “The Freedom Journal

  • Those that will take action
  • Those that will commit to the end
  • People in our world today,who will see your success story and be inspired to take action also.



The Freedom Journal is a workbook that will help you accomplish your #1 goal in 100 days. It’s your private accountability partner on this journey. Being committed to the 100 day journey will definitely give you results. Who knows. You might even make some awesome new friends that will help you on this success journey. The investment that you will make in this freedom journal is but a small price to pay, compared to the results you will achieve in the future.

So will you get yours today?

You can Order here from The Freedom Journal website.

What is a #1 goal you would like to achieve in the next 100 days? Comment below