In my previous blog post I wrote about the #1 reason why people fail to achieve their BIG goals. Of course there are other reasons. But limiting beliefs is what keep most people back from turning great ideas into reality. The question now. Can anyone transform their limiting beliefs to soaring beliefs? YES it’s possible. Guess what. The famous Jesus said “According to your faith, so be it done unto you”. How can you train your mind to believe?

  1. Recognize the negativity
    First of all you need to recognize the negative beliefs that is ruling your mind. Confess that it’s there. If you’re a drunkard, confess that you’re a drunk. If you’re broke, confess that you are broke. The truth will set you free. The first step to making a change is evaluating yourself becoming aware of the problem that is there. 
  2. Talk to yourself with emotions
    NEXT, you need to tell yourself that change will happen. I was stuck on not being able to create content for this website. I recognized the problem, wrote down affirmations and started reading it everyday. At first I found it a waste of my time. (negative talk inside my head). But I followed instructions from some experts. They said that to replace a bad habit (in this case negative self talk), you need to work on yourself for 21 days or more. As I continued to work on me, I noticed a shift in my believe system. I started to go from unbelief to “maybe its possible”.. and then to.. “It really is possible” …to…”I will make it happen, no matter what”.
  3. Replace negative self talk
    Negative thoughts are a normal part of life. See it as the grass that grow. You will cut it today and tomorrow it will grow again. If you leave the grass to grow wildly, your yard will look UGLY. And that’s how most people life are. The good news is that you can get cleaned up. You can clean your mind up. No matter how messed up it is. The only thing is that it will take some time and hard work at first. Weeding the negative thoughts afterwards on a regular basis is easy. Your positive thoughts are like the flowers, the vegetables, the fruit trees in the garden. You need to constantly take care of them to get the results you want. So weed out the grass and nourish the plants in the garden of your mind. 
  4. See challenges as opportunities
    I know many people who only see problems. I spend a limited time around these people. Because they will innocently infect your thoughts. If there’s a problem, see it as an opportunity for it to be fixed. Why do you think that people have become millionaires or billionaires. They learned to reach the need of the people that had a problem. They saw the problem and turned it into an opportunity that made them wealthy. Can you and I learn from this today? I believe so.
  5. Work on You
    The next step is to work on yourself. You work on yourself by feeding your mind with the right information. You get the right info by being around the right people. If you have unbelief in your heart, you might check valuate yourself and find out who you listen to the most. I said it a few times and I will say it again. What you listen to will determine your beliefs. What you believe will determine the action you take. The amount of action you take will go over in the results you get. If you want the amazing result, start listening or reading the right stuff on a constant basis. It will transform your beliefs.

There you have it. Five ways to train your mind to believe. Recognize first that you have a problem. That’s the first step to bringing change. You then need to tell yourself that change will come. Write down the change you want and repeat it to yourself daily. Weed out the negative self talk in your mind and nurture the beautiful garden of your mind. See problems as opportunities. Opportunities that will cause you to stretch. That can probably make you wealthy in the process. And at last, its vital that you work on you. By taking in the right believing info. By spending time around the right peeps.

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