Andrea Misir is a social and digital media marketer and ad campaign specialist with more than seven years of experience. She had the pleasure of working on million dollar digital media campaigns for large companies such as  Sprint, Johnson and Johnson, Jackson Hewit, NBC. Also other small companies.

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Show Notes:

  • Wealth means having more than money. It’s having a wealthy mindset.
  • Andrea has been a New Yorker her whole life. Her parents from Guyana and she was born in the states. She thought of doing economy, but changed her mind to marketing. It was a match made in heaven.
  • Biggest struggle she had was finding the right clients. Some of them were nasty and negative towards her and business partner. Finding the right clients made her happy. One in particular was her very first client who owned a jewelry store.
  • Andrea’s vision is to be that resource to fellow job seekers, particularly new grads and current college students. Because the job landscape will shift dramatically in the coming years.
  • Andrea advice’s millennials to never consider rejection as failure. They need to view it as a learning experience.


Lightning/Fun Round

  • What’s the best book you ever read. And why?
    – 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris
  • What’s a daily habit that contributes to your success?
    –  writing her task in her planner and knocking them out quickly.
  • Who are your top 3 role models?
    – Her Mom
    –  Malala Yousafzai
  • What’s the best entertaining movie you’ve watched so far?
    – Deadpool
  • Let’s say you woke up one day. You had no money. Only food, shelter, a laptop and internet. What would you do in the next 30 days to earn $1000?
    Hit up social media and network. Find out what pain points she can solve for business owners. Helping them with Social media, FB ads, google ads and earn triple the amount.
  • Give us a parting piece of advice.
    – Never let anyone deter you
  • How can we connect with you?
    – Twitter: @andreamisir
    – Linked In: Andrea Misir