Who are these people in the picture above?

They are the 5 finalist from Suriname who got selected for the YLAI 2018 Fellowship Program. YLAI stands for Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative. The goal of the program is to empower entrepreneurs to strengthen their capacity. Further advancing their entrepreneurial venture and  contribute to economic and social development in their countries. The program is fully funded by the U.S. Department of State.


Who will take part in the program?

250 Young entrepreneurs across Latin America and the Caribbean will take part in the YLAI program. These fellows were selected through a competitive process, which attracted 2500 applications. From Suriname there were 40+ application of the which five were selected as finalist.

These are: Said Muntslag, Joey Dragman, Joseph Deonaraine, Razia Taus and Niraj Bainath.

Saïd Muntslag is the Founder  and Managing Director  of LEDSUR N.V.  The mission of this company is to improve a building’s energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint while delivering energy costs savings to the owners.

Joey Dragman is the Founder and Managing Director of the food service and training company Joey-D Foods.  In an effort to be the leading food service and training company, Joey-D Foods use locally sourced meat and vegetables.

Joseph Deonaraine is the Founder of Your Wealthy Journey , a company that stimulates entrepreneurship in millennials by delivering free content and business services that help them to achieve their business goals.

Razia Taus is the Founder and Managing Director of @Shopr.sr. This enterprise brings quality printing services to rural areas while creating local jobs and promoting sustainable ways of living.

Niraj Bajnath is the Founder and CEO of Pharmtech N.V. , a company focused on exporting a variety of top quality agriculture products, primarily to the Caribbean marketplace.

What does the program look like in the USA?

In the third week of September all the fellows will be arriving in Detroit where the opening ceremony will take place. After that, the fellows will be placed across 20 different cities and in companies related to their sector. They will be mentored, gaining valuable professional development skills. Working jointly on an action plan to be implemented upon return in their home countries. In the last few days the YLAI Professional Fellows will take part in a closing conference and networking event with top U.S. government officials as well as global public, private, and nonprofit leaders.

Goal of team YLAI Suriname

The goal for the fellows from Suriname is to develop their skills in the companies they will be placed. Upon return the team will select a date for a workshop for the youth in Suriname. The workshop will include important subjects such as personal growth, entrepreneurship and leadership. This to make a positive impact in our sweet country Suriname.